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Country Hearts Quilt

Country Hearts Quilt

Written by: 
Lisa Calle


Hi, there! It's Lisa Calle of {Vintage Modern Quilts} with a love-ly quilt recipe today. As soon as I saw Sweetwater's new Feed Company line, I started thinking about a quilt I could make with it. It's just so cute. The reds are my favorite and have me thinking of Christmas. And I just saw that Sweetwater is releasing a brand-new version of their popular Mama Said Sew line with lots of gorgeous reds! {Pictured below}

These blocks are set on-point, which is the reason for the Ambitious rating. On point is not difficult but can be frustrating. Cut accurately, piece carefully and use lots of pins! This quilt is rather large with lots of white space which is fun to quilt! You could also make only the panel of 4-patches and turn it into a table runner.

This quilt finishes at 76" x 87".


7 red Jelly Roll™ strips {Feed Company by Sweetwater} for 4-patches
5 yards background fabric {9900-182 | Porcelain}
9 Jelly Roll™ strips for binding OR ⅝ yards binding fabric
5⅓ yards backing fabric
Batting measuring 80" x 90"


Width of Fabric = WOF


From background fabric, cut:

(10) 2½" x WOF strips. Set aside (3) strips for 4-patches. Cut remaining strips for sashing:

  • (36) 2½" x 4½" strips for vertical sashing
  • (2) 2½" x 8½" strips for short sashing
  • (2) 2½" x 20½" strips for medium sashing
  • (2) 2½" x 28½" strips for long sashing

(4) 9¾" squares cut twice on the diagonal to produce 4 triangles each (total of 16 side setting triangles)
(1) 9⅜" square on the diagonal once to make two corner setting triangles
(1)  6⅝" square on the diagonal once to make two corner setting triangles
(1) panel measuring 76" wide x 60" high


Make 4-Patches

Cut one red Jelly Roll™ strip and one background strip in half. Pair Jelly Roll™ strips and background strips to make 2½ strip sets of each combination. Press to the darker fabric. Cut strip sets into 2½" wide units. You will need 38 red/white units and 38 red/red units.


Combine 1 red/white unit with 1 red/red unit to create 4-patches as shown. You will need (38) 4-patches.

Add Sashing

This quilt is made up of 10 columns: 6 columns of 5 hearts, 2 columns of 3 hearts, and 2 columns of 1 heart. Add vertical sashing between the 4-patches first and then side sashing strips to as shown. Make sure all of the white squares are in the upper left corner of the 4-patches as you piece the rows together.


Add Setting Triangles and Join Columns

Take care when adding the setting triangles. The bias edges can shift and stretch. Pin each seam and starch and press when you have finished. Add top/bottom setting triangles first, which are shown below in gray. Note that 2 of the 6 long columns only need 1 top/bottom setting triangle.


Press top/bottom setting triangles. Join columns together. Pin carefully by matching points where you can (typically only one point to match on each column) and lining up seams visually as best you. There may be some gentle stretching required to make it all fit together. Be gentle and use lots of pins. Press well. Add corner setting triangles, taking note of the difference in sizes between the corners. Press and lightly starch.

NOTE: If you want to make a table runner, stop here. Baste, quilt, and bind as desired!

Add Top Panel

Join the bottom panel of hearts to the top panel and press the seam. Stay-stitch all around the quilt top to prepare for quilting. (Stay stitching is sewing a straight stitch ⅛" away from the raw edge of the quilt top.)

Baste, quilt, and bind.



A generous 76" x 87" quilt, perfect for Christmas time and right on through Valentine's Day! But I think I'll add some applique to the white space on mine and make it very merry. {Letters templates available in the Printer Friendly Version at the bottom of this post.}


Lisa Calle