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It's a Gingiber Farm...

It's a Gingiber Farm...

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Farm Fresh by Stacie Bloomfield for Gingiber...

Farm Fresh is my newest fabric line for Moda Fabrics, and I hope after seeing this collection of barnyard inspired animal panels and prints, you will be itching to sew up a new quilt, make a strawberry shortcake, pack a sack lunch and go on a summer picnic! My summers in Arkansas, where I am from, inspired my illustrations for Farm Fresh.

Summertime in Arkansas makes me think of lush green pastures, farm houses with an abundance of chicken coops, and any excuse to be in the sunshine. In fact, it doesn't take that long of a drive through the hills of the Ozarks to feel like you are transported back in time, to a simpler way of life. From red barns that have been standing for decades, to working farms that have been in the same families for generations, to the random chicken and that you find roaming about the roads. Summertime feels perfect, like time is standing still.

Farm Fresh tries to capture that simplicity and nostalgia. From bright and cheery strawberries, to a hand drawn buffalo plaid, to chipper motifs featuring the sweetest chickens and cows you've ever seen! I've also tried to provide some good blender prints that will compliment any project. And, of course, Farm Fresh includes my favorite shades of red, white, aqua.  They're so well-suited for a summer picnic blanket!  

And just wait until you see the quilts that I've designed for Farm Fresh! The Red Barns quilt shows off the tonal range from Farm Fresh so delightfully. Plus the quilt is striking and truly feels like an homage to the gorgeous sun faded barns throughout Arkansas.  I'm excited to share that Red Barns is available as a kit from Moda!

This is Red Barns.

Next up is the perfect picnic quilt - Farm Fresh Panel Quilt - which oh-so-nicely shows off the gorgeous animal panels available with this line. It is a very special quilt and it looks amazing when it is backed in the Red Buffalo Plaid. Also, you could make up a great version of this quilt using the available Black and White Animal Panels and the abundance of black and white patterns from Farm Fresh! In fact, I'm counting on one of you to make it so I can see the finished project!

Finally, our last quilt for Farm Fresh is Fences, a lovely little narrative quilt that shows off our sweet farm critters in their little farm houses.  This quilt uses the smaller animals from the Farm Fresh Animal Panel.

Thanks so much for letting me share this collection with you. It is truly a privilege to get to share my illustrations with you. These animals are some of my most cherished, and I hope that they bring you so much joy!

I'm also going to share a sneak peek of Merriment, my new Christmas collection that just debuted at Fall Market.  (Merriment will be in stores in April 2019.)

Those pillows are made with the large critter panel.  There's more Merriment soon.