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Book Club Friday- Home for the Holidays

Book Club Friday- Home for the Holidays

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Home for the Holidays B1594

Today we are talking about Sherri and Chelsi's first book together. They both have their own separate pattern companies but also work on several things together including their fabric lines for Moda Fabrics as Sherri & Chelsi. This is a mother daughter duo who share many stories and like minded experiences as mothers, business people and designers trying to fit it all in on their A Quilting Life podcast and YouTube channel. In Home for the Holidays, they share projects, recipes and easy to stitch gifts to inspire you to create your own holiday traditions. Sherri has authered and collaborated on several book, some of which she mentions below.

Q. When did you write your first quilt book? 

 Sherri -  2013…A Quilting Life: Creating a Handmade Home 

This book is out of print but here are a few of Sherri's current publications.

Chelsi - Home for the Holidays is my very first quilt book and I’m so excited I was able to experience writing it with mom!

Books my Sherri McConnell

A Quilting Life Planner and Workbook - Stock #B1593

A Quilting Life Monthly Planner - Stock #B1563

Home & Hearth by Sherri McConnell - Stock #B1575

Sunday's Best QUilts by Sherri McConnell and Corey Yoder - Stock #B1490


Q. Do you have a favorite project from any of your books? If so, why?

Sherri -  I think my Farmhouse Garden Quilt from my Labor of Love book might be my favorite—I just love nine-patch blocks!

Chelsi Amaryllis hands down! It is inspired by one of my very favorite seasonal flowers and looks darling!

Labor of Love book B1531


 Farmhouse Garden quilt


Q. Do you decorate with your quilts? If so where and how?

Sherri - Yes, and they are on couches and chairs, on walls and on quilt ladders throughout the house.
 Decorating with quilts is a must in my home that adds character and adds something special in my home! In my home you’ll find quilts on beds, hanging on ladders, folded in baskets, and draped over chairs & couches! Basically there’s a quilt within reach everywhere you go.



Q. How do you choose what fabrics to use for the designs? This has got to be tough to make the quilts timely when it takes a year, sometimes more to finish the book from beginning to then being on store shelves

Sherri -  I have certain designers whose fabric I always seem to love. It’s so fun to sew with their collections for a lot of the book projects. This also lets me create all kinds of different color options.

Chelsi- It really is just a feeling for me when choosing fabrics for projects. I fall in love with fabrics and have a good feeling about which of those fabrics will really pop in specific quilts!



Q. Where do you find your inspiration? 

Sherri Antique quilts and home décor. And, of course, flowers!


Chelsi - Antique quilts, tile floors, nature!

Q. What is your favorite part of the quilting process? 

Sherri This is crazy because I haven’t always loved this part, but I love binding and looking over the quilt, seeing the beautiful quilting, and remembering each block.


Chelsi - I would have to say piecing the quilt blocks. I get so excited seeing the blocks come together!


Q. What is your favorite notion or tool that you just can’t do without?

Sherri Diagonal Seam Tape and the Mini Simple Folded Corners Ruler.  Chelsi- Agrees completely.



  Cluck Cluck sew diagonal seam tape

Cluck Cluck Sew Diagonal Seam Tape, stock # CCS192


Mini Simple Folded Corners Ruler

Q. Other than your own quilting book, do you have a favorite? 

Sherri I love Scrap School by Lissa Alexander.

 Scrap School book

Sherri is a collaborator in this book and all of the Moda All Star's series.

Chelsi - Mom’s Labor of Love is one of my very favorites. I helped her piece several of the quilts in that book and it really sparked my interest in writing my own.


Q. What is the first quilt book you owned? Did you buy it or was if gifted to you?

Sherri My grandmother let me borrow her Eleanor Burns Irish Chain Quilt in a Day book for several years until I finally bought my own copy and gave her the original back. But the first quilt book I purchased was the Little Quilts book. I used to look at that over and over wishing I could someday have time to sew so many quilts for my home—my children were young at the time, and I wasn’t that prolific then.

Quilt in a Day Irish Chain


Chelsi - It was gifted to me (by mom of course)! She gifted me my very first quilting book she wrote!


Q. Do you have any upcoming projects that you can share with us?

Sherri -   I just finished my first quilt from a collection we’ll be sharing in July. I have a few more to make. I’m also working on the sampler from this book which I’ll hopefully get finished soon.

 Chelsi - We have some really exciting things coming up this year and next! A new fabric line showing in July that we’re currently sewing with is at the forefront of our minds! We can’t wait to share those new fabrics and patterns!

Q. While sewing do you watch TV, audio books or music? If so, please share some of your favorites shows or playlists.

Sherri  At the beginning of the week I listen to podcasts. I love the What’s Essential podcast by Greg McKeown. I also listen to the Focus on This podcast and get lots of time management and business helps. I will also listen to Deep Work with Cal Newport. When I’m caught up for the week I’ll generally listen to playlists from Apple Music—currently I’m playing the Ed Sheeran Essentials playlist on repeat.

Chelsi Currently, music has been my go to while sewing! I’m into absolutely everything when it comes to music, but lately I’m loving 80’s pop! ABBA is currently on repeat!


Q. You are so organized? Can you share any tips with us? 

Sherri  I love my Quilting Life Planner & Workbook…it was so helpful while I was re-organizing my sewing room this spring. I think my biggest tip is to not think taking time to plan is a waste of time. You get it back in your increased productivity.


A Quilting Life Planner and workbook


 Chelsi -I’ve been an organizer since I was a little girl. I would organize every closet, nook, pantry space, cabinet and space In our home just for fun (mom loved it ha)! My biggest tip is everything you use daily should be accessible. This is so important. Also, having bins and labeling them is key especially when you have WIPs and specific fabrics that need to be stored separately.

 A Quilting Life Studio

  Sherri's studio- Visit her studio makeover tour here.

 Chelsi' Stratton sewing studio

  Chelsi's tour of using a small space to create a studio, click here.

Q. When is it your book going to be in stores? 

Sherri – . Home for the Holidays is in stores June 1st.


Q. Where can we learn more about you?

Find Sherri here.

Start Here - A Quilting Life

Find Chelsi here.

blog www.chelsistratton.wordpress.com on the A Quilting Life YouTube channel and on Instagram @chelsistratton