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Sampler Spree QAL - Week 9

Sampler Spree QAL - Week 9

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

Eight weeks are in the books.  And now we're on the penultimate week.  Grays and Black.

CT SS QAL Week 9 Blacks & Grays 

Can I tell you a secret?  I continue to be surprised by how a completely random group of fabrics can look so good.  Every week, I think... this isn't going to work.  And then it does.  It's why I love scrap quilts.

Here are the Week 9 blocks. 

CT SS QAL Week 9 Black & Gray Blocks

There are eleven blocks this week:

  • #7 - Fan Blades
  • #13 - The Kitchen Woodbox
  • #25 - Dandy
  • #38 - Summer Solstice
  • #44 - Winter Panes
  • #51 - Whirligig
  • #52 - Wheels
  • #60 - Market Square
  • #66 - King's Crown
  • #79 -Double Plain
  • #104 - Roman Stripes

There's a video of the blocks from our buddies at Martingale - thank you, Schu!

Another secret.  When we started this, I wasn't sure how many quilters would be all-in for making as many as twelve blocks a week.  Or the color theme.  But by Week 3, y'all had convinced me that you were enjoying this.  Is it because the approach was different?  

Here are some of the blocks that have been shared on Instagram.

CT SS QAL Week 9 IG Lyndah2502

Lynda Hezemans - @lyndah2502.

CT SS QAL Week 9 IG Anke Wechsung

Anke Wechsung - @patch-yard.

CT SS QAL Week 9 IG Nicole Reed

Nicole Reed - @sisterschoicequilts.

CT SS QAL Week 9 IG Anina Twiddletails

Anina - @twiddletails.

There is a Sampler Spree Week 9 video from our friends at Martingale.

Be sure to share your blocks on social media - #samplerspreeqal

For a PDF of this post - Sampler Spree QAL - Week 9.

(If the link for this PDF isn't working, please try again later.)

And if you missed any of the Sampler Spree blog posts - Sampler Spree Quilt-Along

That's it for today.  As always, I hope you have a good day.

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