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Spring Quilt Market - Part 1

Spring Quilt Market - Part 1

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Happy Wednesday!  It's not Block Heads Wednesday yet but there's still plenty to share!  The crew from Dallas is home, the crates are being unpacked and we're getting ready for a lovely long weekend.  But first - greetings from Spring Quilt Market!

Because there is so much to share - so many beautiful new collections - let me get right down to it.  If you want to see the whole catalog in its entirety, here is the link to the Spring Market 2018 catalog - Piece No. 32.  The young lady on the cover is Winnie Ansell, the lovely daughter of one of the Design Department's very talented graphic designers, Joy.

All-Weather Friend by April Rosenthal.

With prints reminiscent of different seasons, tied together with a vibrant rainbow of optimistic colors – All-Weather Friend is a tribute to the ones we hold dear. The ones we cling to when the world feels like a mess of epic proportions. The ones who show up, every time. The ones who laugh when we laugh, and cry when we cry. The ones who pick up the phone even when they know it will mean changing their plans for the day. The ones who have kept us humble at our best and loved us at our worst. The ones who add color to our lives.  (October 2018 Delivery.)

Harriet's Handwork by Betsy Chutchian.

The prints and colors ofThe prints and colors of Harriet’s Handwork were inspired by Harriet, and by an antique quilt in my collection dating to 1820-1840. were inspired by Harriet, and by an antique quilt in my collection dating to 1820-1840.  (October 2018 Delivery.)

Amberley by Brenda Riddle.

Named after a town in the southern part of England, Amberley is designed to reflect a description I read of the town.. “It is a quaint, charming, & picturesque place...” With the florals, classic ginghams & dots that I love, & colors of sunshine, sky, sprout, peony, pebble, & white linen, Amberley is poised & ready to bring warmth & charm to you & your home.  (November 2018 Delivery.)

Regency Ballycastle Chintz by Christopher Wilson-Tate.

Inspired by one of my favorite quilts, a very unique 18th Century Irish Chintz patchwork quilt that I named Ballycastle because it was purchased from a large country house in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. The quilt dates to 1780-1790 and each print in this collection has been lovingly reproduced to capture the detail and style of this old Irish treasure. Each print is named after a city or castle in Ireland, and the colors are similar to what they originally would have been.  (November 2018 Delivery.)

Sunnyside Up by Corey Yoder.

Sunnyside Up continues my love of a warm, happy palette featuring all of the colors of the rainbow. From warm reds to sunny yellows, all the way to a beautiful orchid purple, this collection has a dash of all of my favorite colors. Flowers are another one of my favorite things – “these are a few of my favorite things"... sung in your best Julie Andrews’ voice of course – so you will find Sunnyside Up is filled with flowers, big and small.  (November 2018 Delivery.)

Rosa by Crystal Manning.

Inspired by Central American tribal patterns, weaves, and embroidery, Rosa is a chic collection fashioned with rich colors and textures. In addition to cultural influences, you will find dainty flowers, lush roses and swallows symbolizing love and the island Cozumel, which means, “Land of the Swallow.” This collection has a stylish elegance that’s universal for quilts, garments, accessories and home décor.  (November 2018 Delivery.)

Brew by Deb Strain.

Brew was inspired by the different varieties and blends found throughout the world. From the coffee beans in their burlap bags to the steam on a freshly poured cup… coffee will always be a source of full, rich inspiration. No matter your coffee preference, I hope this “blend” of color and pattern energizes your creativity!  (October 2018 Delivery.)

Machi by Debbie Maddy.  Machi includes prints on quilting cotton, 54" cotton lawns, and rayon.

Machi is the Japanese word for a city. Japan has many beautiful cities – large and small – that are filled with beautiful images. From the side-by-side mix of ancient and contemporary structures to the landscape surrounding the cities, towns, and villages. Even the day-to-day findings are special – the manhole covers are works of art, there are paintings on the firehouse doors, and from a gorgeous door to a remarkable fence, every nook and cranny has been thoughtfully crafted to express beauty.  (November 2018 Delivery.)

Farmhouse II by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Co.

A sister collection to our popular Farmhouse, we’ve brought a whole new set of retro prints in yummy colors for Farmhouse II! Filled with more 50’s flavored florals, our favorite classic dots, a mini version of our criss-cross pattern and several fantastic new filler-prints, this grouping is definitely perfect for today’s “country girl” at heart. Colors such as Tomato, Meadow, Milk & Pumpkin take us to those idyllic country days.  (October 2018 Delivery.)

Farm Fresh by Stacie Bloomfield for Gingiber.

Farm Fresh brings you Gingiber’s signature animals along with plenty of fun, summery patterns to create the happiest and freshest quilts! Farm Fresh feels like you are on a picnic with colors of red and blue, plus just a touch of black and white. The mix means that your Farm Fresh quilts can read very minimal or extremely colorful.  (November 2018 Delivery.)

Prairie Grass by Holly Taylor.

We tried a new technique in painting our new Prairie Grass collection. Our inspiration was an embossed greeting card. We loved the depth and shading it had so we meticulously worked to achieve that effect. We hope you love it as much as we do!  (November 2018 Delivery.)

Weather Permitting by Janet Clare.

With Spring Quilt Market happening the same weekend as the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, our resident Brit and Royal Correspondent Janet Clare had to celebrate the nuptials.  (Just don't mention Camilla.)

They say that the only topic of conversation here in the UK is our charming weather. And I’d like to tell you that it’s not true but, well… I haven’t had too many conversations where it hasn’t come up! So it is high time this Brit designed a few pieces of weather-inspired fabric! Weather Permitting is polite and friendly: a little warm rain on a summer day, a good breeze to blow the cobwebs away, and fluffy white clouds floating by in a blue sky. Add a map of the world and some meteorological symbols and you've got all you need to create quilts for explorers, daydreamers, and scholars, for holidays, picnics and beach days… or even those feeling “under the weather” days.   (October 2018 Delivery.)

Looking Forward by Jen Kingwell The collection includes 30 prints, 6 - 58" cotton lawns and 5 new Lollies.

A year ago, I was looking forward to moving my home and shop from Melbourne to Torquay Beach. I must have had the beach in mind when I named the prints Flip Flops and Rockpools, Sea Spray and Sunday Picnic. The colors are beach-bright, 1960s mod – shades of green, gold, pink, blue and purple. I hope you are looking forward to using my newest fabric line.

The blocks shown above are from a single-block quilt titled Shooting Star - made using one of Jen's Tempters template sets.

Looking Forward has a November 2018 Delivery.

Garden Variety by Vanessa Goertzen for Lella Boutique.

The rain has fallen, seeds have been planted, and bees are buzzing as they make their way from flower to flower. Soon the garden will be in full bloom. There is splendid harmony found in a garden bed, a juxtaposition of beauty and growth mingled with weeds and brambles. Perhaps they are not at odds in the way we might sometimes suppose, but instead, the garden is the balance of a good life. Just as in a real garden, you will find a variety of textures and sun-kissed colors in this collection… along with a few brambles too! Pick your favorites and see what you can grow in your fabric garden.

October 2018 Delivery - Garden Variety.

Howl + Hound by Lydia Nelson for Dreamy Quilts.

Darling for all - boy and girl, big and small.  (The lighting on this quilt is iffy - the shades are Navy, Mint, Peach, and Ivory.)

Howl + Hound will be in shops in November.

Flower Garden Gatherings and Flower Garden Gatherings Backgrounds by Lisa Bongean for Primitive Gatherings.  (whew!)

Color your life – and your quilts – with the vibrant colors of a flower garden. A primitive garden! The colors are Poppy and Marigold, Aster and Peony, and the prints are small-scale. Use them for the small piecing I love or for bold bursts of color, and for adding a bit of color to scrap quilts.  (October 2018 Delivery.)

An extra special "thank you" to Nicole Daksiewicz of Modern Handcraft for the six gorgeous Modern Hexies pillows she made for our Market booth - including this one with Flower Garden Gatherings.  

As for this spectacular mini-charm square rug... this is an upcoming pattern from Primitive Gatherings.  We'll share more about this as soon as we have a few more details... because like you, we really, really want this rug and pattern.

Dandi Annie by Robin Pickens.

Dandelions remind me of growing up in the Midwest and seeing the cheery, yellow blooms pop up in the middle of the yard. While the adults saw them as annoying weeds, we saw simple, happy flowers that made charming bouquets, could be twisted into necklaces and rubbed onto our skin to make a lovely golden color. Even better than the yellow beauties were the mature puffballs of seeds. We knew our dreams were sure to come true if we could blow all the seeds off the stem in one big breath. The graceful dance of seeds traveling in the breeze gave flight to our wishes on warm sunny days.  (October 2018 Delivery.)

Le Pavot by Sandy Gervais.

I have always loved botanical drawings. From the fine details of the drawings to the beautiful shading in the colored renderings. As an artist, I love that among the most accomplished botanical artists in history are several women – Margaret Flockton, Maria Sybillia Merion, and Elizabeth Blackwell.  (November 2018 Delivery.)

Once Upon A Time by Stacy Iest Hsu.

Once Upon a Time is a collection that celebrates all things fairytale! Whimsical illustrations of castles, unicorns, gardens and most importantly princesses are what you will find in this collection. Beautiful shades of pink and lavender make this collection the absolute sweetest. Your little ones and their friends will have endless hours of play and storytelling with this collection.  (October 2018 Delivery.)

Voysey by the Victoria & Albert Museum.

English architect and designer Charles F.A. Voysey (1857-1941) produced a wide range of textiles and other patterns over a career spanning 50 years. His style, characterized by bold repeats, natural forms, flat tints of colour and a pared-back simplicity, is quickly identifiable. Crafters will delight in his patterns, which retain their original freshness. For this Voysey collection, the designer’s love of nature and preferred color palette take center stage. The rich color is slightly muted and the prints mix the bold with the simple in a way that will never go out of style.  (November 2018 Delivery.)

Spotted & Modern Backgrounds More Paper by Zen Chic.

Spotted.  The one thing every quilter needs all the time? Blenders! Prints that read like a solid, but have that extra vibrancy of a texture in it. You can never have enough and the wider the color range, the better. SPOTTED comes with a retro texture, which we know from posters from the 50s: Little subtle spots on the printed surface. With its bright hues the color palette serves especially the modern quilter excellently. SPOTTED is an essential collection and with all the standard precuts you have the perfect product to provide for a quilter’s stash with a great color box!  (October 2018 Delivery.)

More Paper.  If you already were in love with the versatility and the charm of all textures in MODERN BACKGROUNDS PAPER – here is good news: Zen Chic is introducing – MORE PAPER. Another fantastic low volume assortment with a diversity of styles and shades makes for the perfect companions for all kind of quilts. Colors range from white over eggshell and linen to light grey and graphite. You will find large-scale repeats like the ones with technical drawings of an aircraft or clothing patterns, you will find humble small-scale repeats like the pluses, the dotties or the little arrows and lettered prints like the quotes about happiness and little scribbles.   (October 2018 Delivery.)

Urban Cottage by UrbanChiks This collection includes 30 prints, 108" wide backings, wovens, and toweling.

Simplicity. The Urban Chiks know that getting the feel of “modern farmhouse” style is all about the right mix of scale, elements, and color. Black and Cream. It’s the starting point for great design – classic and modern, retro and urban. Over-sized polka dots and text prints, large-scale roses and a flying geese stripe that can be used for quilts, pillows and accessories that will always feel comfortable and fresh.  (November 2018 Delivery.)

So that's it for the new collections debuting at Spring Quilt Market.

Do you have a favorite?

That's all for today.  I'll have a little bit more from Market on Friday - some of the designers attending who had collections that debuted before Market.

Happy Wednesday!