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A little of this...

A little of this...

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And of course, a little of that.  I don't know which is which so maybe this ought to be titled "A little bit of everything."

Pretty fabric.  That's always fun.  These bundles are collections that will be in shops now that it's finally August.  (Finally?  I know... I'm still struggling with August already.)

August and September are always very busy months at Moda because the collections that debuted in the Spring are shipping, and there are dozens of new collections about to debut and be shown to shops.  There is a Warehouse Sale for shop owners in a few weeks, and National Sew A Jelly Roll Day is in September.  Then there is that whole "getting ready for Fall Market" thing. 

Then it's the holidays and Happy New Year!  (It's not just me that thinks it all goes that fast.)

Basic Mixologie 2018 by Studio M.

I love this collection - the vibrant colors, the mix of prints, and the works-on-it's-own and mixes-well-with-other-collections versatility.  

This quilt is one of Moda's Fun & Free Patterns and you can find the instructions here - Basic Mixologie 2018 Quilt

101 Maple Street by Anne Sutton for Bunny Hill Designs.

This is 101 Maple Street - the quilt.   It combines piecing, embroidery and the beautiful applique that Anne is known for.  It measures 65" x 77" and it is available as a kit and as a stand-alone pattern.

I have to share this picture of Anne's - beautiful Swatch Cards she made for her collection.  This kind of card-set for fabric collections first appeared on Instagram a few years ago and a few of the Moda Designers have been inspired to create their own distinctive cards.  (Love. This. Image.) (Corey Yoder's Swatch Cards.)

Badda Bing! by Me & My Sister Designs ~ aka Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson.

A mix of vintage-inspired feedsack prints and tried-and-true basics, this bright, lively collection is perfect for any one of the quilts in Barb and Mary's new book, Easy Layer Cake Quilts 2.

It's on it's way to shops now... along with this beautiful new Aurifil thread assortment.

On The Bright Side by Me & My Sister for Aurifil.  Ten 220-yard spools of 50wt. 100% Cotton MAKO thread - solids and variegated.  (Thread assortments are how I build a collection of colored threads.  Just saying.)

Metropolis by BasicGrey.  (This image is from BasicGrey's Instagram.)

What I love about Metropolis is that it can be used on its own to make a striking, dramatic quilt or project.  Or a pop - or twelve - of color can be added.  The results will still be striking and dramatic because of the black and white/cream.  Do you want to make a quilt with a Halloween color palette?  Start with Metropolis.  Do you need versatile backgrounds that will work with dozens of other fabrics and collections?  The four pieces in the lower-right corner of the picture should do nicely.

We've shared these pillows before - they are the samples made to test the four new Cake Mixes.  Using one Metropolis Layer Cake, one Grunge Basics Junior Layer Cake in White, and four recipe cards for each, we have four mini-quilts or pillows.  And leftovers to make more.

Then there is the Metropolis Map Print - it's a panel.  There are two identical maps per panel-length, and the map is available in White, Gray and Black.  (There is also a Map Panel available for Canada.  The rest of the world will have to wait for Metropolis 2.)

Finally... ask and you shall receive.  We received numerous requests for printer-friendly/PDF downloads for two recent Cutting Table tutorials.  

Is a twenty-page PDF printer-friendly?  

Recycled-Upcycled Jeans Bag Tutorial.

Christmas Scandinavian Star Tutorial.

That's it for today - Happy Friday!